Monday, August 27, 2007

L is for "Links"

As in some of my favorite links!! :) You may laugh, some of them can be kind of cheesy....some of them lame, and some of them just for fun. goes nothing...

1) Eonline
I guess I am starting of with cheesy!! I love the "Watch with Kristen"
section....t.v. gossip and it's so much fun!

2) Spoiler Fix
Speaking of t.v., admittedly I am a wimp and I enjoy being spoiled!
This is also a good site that I use to keep up on shows I enjoy but don't
always get to watch.

3) Lelo In NoPo
I just recently discovered this blog and am enjoying it immensely!

4) Greg Oden's Blog
With the upcoming Portland Trailblazer season about to start this has been
a fun read. I do enjoy watching the Blazer's and am looking forward to
hopefully go to a few games. We used to have partial season tickets
before we had children but once kids came along....babysitting costs!!!

5) Swapatorium
Another blog I recently found....all kinds of treasures to be found and
some "vintage" recipes that she tries out too!

6) Creating Keepsakes
I get this magazine and enjoy the website too for scrapbooking ideas

7) Ali Edwards
She writes for Creating Keepsakes but this is her blog. She creates amazing
pages and has a son with Autism and talks a lot about that as well.

8) Perez Hilton
Yes I read this! Sadly, nothing but candy for the brain! What can I
say....when I am tired and my brains need something rather mindless...
this does it for me! ;)

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