Tuesday, August 14, 2007

G is for "Giuseppe" and "Guilty Pleasures"

So I had to write something about at least one of the cats!! Actually, I know I have some good pictures of Giuseppe but who knows were they are and quite frankly, to sift through a bunch of pictures to even find a couple of cat ones was a little beyond me this morning!! He is a funny cat, very curious but also can be quite shy. Most of the people that even come to the house never see him, kids especially. But he has learned to love our kids and sometimes even seeks out their attention...usually from Matthew and usually only for a short period of time. His favorite person in the whole world is Andy's friend Rich. Everytime Rich is in town and comes over, 'seppe is all over him and can't seem to get enough. Now, Rich used to smoke and this cat loves tobacco, but Rich quit smoking a while back but Giuseppe still can't get enough of Rich when he is around. I swear, if the cat had the opportunity, he would hop a plane and go move in with Rich and leave the rest of us!!!

Now...on to "Guilty Pleasures"! OK...so I have a few (and often are t.v. related), but my favorite lately is "So You Think You Can Dance". Hello...LOVE this show! And yes I voted on some of the dancers and my votes for the finale were for "Lacey" and "Danny"! It doesn't bother me too much that "Sabra" won but for some reason I could never really get into her. Anyway, if you have no idea what I am talking about then I am sure I am boring you to tears about now! Other guilty pleasures: "Charmed" the t.v. show, I own most of the seasons on DVD and still love them, Cheetos or "corn curls" as they are known to Matthew...terribly evil things but they taste so good!, old Kathleen Woodwiss novels....I was sad to hear she passed away recently but boy have I enjoyed those romances, and '80's hair band music, which somehow never totally seems cool that I am listening to it but I still love it anyway! What are your guilty pleasures or is there simply no guilt at all?

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