Monday, August 06, 2007

A is for "Art Infusion" ( and for Ali!)

So I got this plan/idea from Ali and though what a pretty good! Basically, (as I understand it) the idea is to go through the month and blog everyday (ha ha) about me/my life ( I may be making things up as I go along too!) using the alphabet as a bit of a guide. We will see how it goes, hard to tell if I will make it through the whole alphabet and it may take me 2 months but whatever!! I still think it's a cool idea and I figure I should just give it a go, even though it seemed to take me awhile to get started. And a big thanks to Ali for passing the idea on!!

Anyway......Art Infusion is actually a program at Matthew's school that brings visual arts into the classroom and is parent run. I helped out this last year in the classroom when it was time to do art infusion lessons and had a blast! I am certainly not an "artist", crafty is more my game and that can be iffy at best. But I learned a ton from this program, got to socialize plenty with other mom, and got to play and learn the lessons so as to teach the kids and it was so fun. I took a few pictures of Matthew's art infusion projects .......
So the one on the left was from a lesson on abstract art (think Jackson Pollock) and I do remember on that particular lesson the kids were given instructions to for example "draw a blue circle, draw a red line connecting, draw (I forget what else" and how all the kids had the same components but everyone's work looked different. The picture on the right was just before the holidays and it was foam printmaking.
This one was watercolor and also practicing horizon lines, the other one is "still life" and I believe that was the only lesson I wasn't in the classroom for.....
This one is "cave painting" with chalk I believe (can't quite remember at the moment) and the kids had a good time with this lesson!
I do plan on helping out again this much fun and quite frankly, I always feel it's a good excuse to be in the classroom and check out what's going on!
Oh and my "B" post? I figure I may as start a little out of order.....see my previous post on "Bounty and Boys" ! "C" will be next..... ;)

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