Saturday, August 25, 2007

K is for "Keith Urban" of course.... ;)

Oh so I do like me some Keith Urban....and the time is coming soon when I get a girl's weekend and that weekend includes 2 (yes, you read that correctly) concerts to see him. Actually, what originally happened, is we went ahead and booked the Seattle date first and at that time there wasn't a Portland date set... so we figured a weekend in Seattle would be fun. Well then a Portland show was added to the tour list and my girls and I decided we couldn't pass up that opportunity, so on Friday September 14th we will see him in Portland. Then we get to get up on Saturday the 15th and go to Seattle and see him in concert that night as well! We are staying the night in Seattle and then playing all day on Sunday before coming home.........I can't wait!

I am sooo needing a break right now. Andy has been working a ton and he is working all weekend too so I haven't exactly been overly jolly. I have just been tired of what feels like doing everything and him not being around that much. And I know he is tired too and we actually (I think) have some opportunities to schedule some time together soon but I also have a need to just get away. I am counting down the days and I have some money set little getaway also means I get a day off from work too! Yay!! Not that I work a ton (only one day a week) but still....sometimes I just need to recharge. I need to have a little space to remember why I like working my one day and why I like hanging out with my kids! Little vacation for me and all will be right with the world.

And the photo's below? Well in 2005 I actually (with the girls) saw Keith Urban at 3 different concerts, one in Portland (at this point he wasn't quite as famous yet so he still came through the audience playing his guitar), one in Vegas (totally rocked!), and one in the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington. For that particular concert we actually took our husbands and not our children and had a blast! We camped over night (because you can and because it's a long ass drive from Portland leaving at midnight!) and obviously drank lots of alcohol because we could. My lovely friend Crystal made us t-shirts that said "My other husband is an Australian singer-songwriter" since we were spending the weekend with our husbands too. My other lovely friend Anne took the pictures so my sincerest thank you to her.... boy did we have fun and now here comes another trip. I can't wait.... :)

There were actually many more pics taken but I do believe that this is enough embarrassment for me and Andy for one night, don't you think?

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