Saturday, August 11, 2007

E is for "Exit Strategy"

So a couple of weeks ago, Matthew's Occupational Therapist and I (and his Doctor) agreed that now is a good time to take a break from OT for awhile. He actually is progressing really well, has come so far in many areas...particularly his writing skills and some of his abilities to handle certain situations. Plus, they want to do an evaluation with a speech therapist to see what/if any attention needs to be put into place. It has kind of been one thing at a time...we were doing some OT and now we will see what's next. Plus school will start in less than a month and he still will get some services through the school.

Almost all of July, Matthew was complaining how he didn't want to go to therapy anymore, it was boring, he would rather play at home etc. etc., really fighting me on even going. However, when the time came to tell him that he only had 2 more weeks of seeing "Jen" he did have a bit of a freak out!! He begged me to sign him back up and really kind of had a hard time dealing with the fact that therapy was going to end for awhile. Jen was great though and really prepared him, and this Wednesday was the first one in months that we haven't gone to therapy in the morning. And he was o.k. with it.

I think the one that perhaps needed some more preparation for this was me!! I hadn't realized how I had relied on Jen to kind of help me out with some of the tough situations that we would come across. They weren't situations that usually would require a call to the doctor, but little things that I could easily bring up on Wednesdays. Sometimes either Jen could give me suggestions on how to handle Matthew or she could bring it up in a story or game with him on how to deal with the problem. It was just nice to have that little bit of extra support when/if I needed it. But for now, Matthew is doing fine and is getting excited for school again, and I will be fine even if Matthew does have a rough time. I keep telling myself, only a couple more weeks till school and then we can all be back on a regular schedule...not only for Matthew's sanity but for my own as well! Change is apparently hard on all of us!! :)

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