Monday, April 09, 2007

Sugar Hangover??

So Mason has informed me throughout the day today that he didn't feel good. And yet, he has gladly continued to dig into the Easter candy and listens to nothing I say about so much candy giving him a tummy ache! Matthew has ate his fair share of candy today too; and at this point I have let them have a lot and now it will be time to put some serious limits on the candy and detox my children. The kids really enjoyed Easter this year though, both egg hunts they did (one on Friday with Grandma Leslee and one on Sunday at Grandma Wade's house) and the thrill of their baskets from the Easter Bunny! And Matthew was very good (and very warned! last year he got into all of Mason's candy and toys before Mason had a chance to even see the basket) and didn't touch any of Mason's basket until Mason came downstairs to see it. So at least the kids were happy and now the parents pay for all the sweets that are being consumed.

On a side note, Mason has done so well with his big boy bed! Apparently, we caged him for too long in the crib (although I still sometimes think I would like to keep him there until he is 21!) but he loves his bed and actually stays in it when he wakes up until I come and get him. Yay!!!! So far, so good, because I was sure we were about to have a party boy at 3 a.m. every night.

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Angel Jem said...

Good luck with the Big Boys Bed! Another of those milestones gone...Where does the time go to?