Thursday, April 05, 2007

Big Boy Bed!!

So today the big boy bed was delivered and assembled and I have a very excited boy!! :) Mason immediately demanded all his crib paraphernalia to be placed on his bed and was disappointed that we had to leave right away to take Matthew to school. But he informed me that we would come back right after dropping Matthew off to "sit on my new bed!". So far we are trying out a nap on it (at the moment he isn't sleeping but I'm trying to be patient!) and we will see how night time goes....I actually am a bit nervous for this because we have had almost 2 years of restful nights but we paid for that with Mason's first year. Seriously, he didn't sleep through the night consistently until he was about 13 months old! He still doesn't really sleep through the night....often at 3 am if I wake up I will hear him playing in his crib. So now I'm hoping he will be willing to stay in his bed (or at least his room) during the night. The truth of how this all works out will be revealed in a couple of weeks...meaning if I'm totally exhausted, he isn't cooperating!

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