Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Dentist

On Thursday Matthew had his normal 6 month dental appointment and as I got the boys ready to go, I explained to Mason that we were taking Matthew to the dentist. Well, in true Mason fashion, he threw a fit because he figured he should get a turn too! (In the midst of all this, Matthew is thrilled to go since he knows he gets to pick out one of the little toys at the dentist office after his teeth get cleaned!) So the whole way to the dentist Mason is still complaining, but we survive, Matthew gets his teeth cleaned and they look good so as Jeannie (the hygienist) is cleaning up, I mention something about Mason's teeth. She informed me that we could get his teeth cleaned that day, she had time if I had time and I certainly grabbed onto the opportunity! I was sure Mason wouldn't last all of 60 seconds in the chair but he surprised me and got his teeth polished and flossed and let the dentist even take a look at them! I managed to get a picture with my camera on my cell phone of Mason enjoying his time in the dentist chair...he even sat there a few minutes after because they let him play with the little vacuum tube in his mouth. I'm not sure why that was such a thrill, but everyone left happy and that's all I cared about!


Diane said...

That is the greatest picture, ever! Dig those funky protective sunglasses!!

Ali said...

It's hysterical how little brothers will do anything bigger ones do. Hooray for happy dentist-goers!