Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh yes...I qualify!!!!

See....I won an award!!!! Just kidding!!! I actually recently started reading this blog and saw this lovely award and felt I was quite deserving myself. My special qualifications for such recognition includes not achieving daily goals/chores because it's more important to be on the computer checking out other people's lives (read: blogs), very rarely commenting on said blogs since I really am busy and should be getting x, y, and z done, and also often not answering/acknowledging comments on my own blog. ( I swear angel jem I will respond one of these days!). So for these reasons and more, I nominated myself and won! Of course plenty of people can I understand anyone is welcome to copy the button and list your reasons for being an award winning guilty blogger!


jojo* said...

Right on! Welcome to the club! :)

Angel Jem said...

I don't need an answer, I like reading & I'll keep on reading whether you answer or not! Keep on blogging!