Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Run For The Arts

Yesterday at Matthew's school was Run For The Arts which is a which is a program that helps fund the schools with resident artists and art programs. So for example, last years Run for the Arts helped to fund this year's week long "Tears of Joy Puppet Theatre" resident in Matthew's class were they learned about puppetry and made puppets and put on a production of "The Little Red Hen". (which, I might add, was pretty darn cute!)

So the kids were all excited about this Run for the Arts day, however, Matthew missed school on Monday because he has had a nasty cough/cold and Tuesday morning I felt it was rather questionable that he would even go to school and run. But he wanted to go, so there was lots of cough medicine and and away we went. Mason and I hung around so we could cheer the kids on and the kindergartner's 5th grade buddies got to come out and cheer them on as well. And can I say how damn proud I was of Matthew, who I told to maybe only walk one or two laps, ended up running 6 laps and has the marks on his arm to prove it! (ok, so he did have to walk some of the time, but still!) That was a mile and a half, and I will be first to say I am certainly not going to be running laps when I'm all congested and coughing! So yeah for Matthew!! Actually, throughout it all, I was quite feeling the motherly pride with all the kindergartners, as they all took this very seriously and did such a fabulous job.

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Diane said...

Good job, Mathew!!! You're a dedicated athelete to run so far with a cold!