Wednesday, March 28, 2007

100 Days of Kindergarten

So when I was a kid I am almost certain that we did not celebrate being in school for 100 days (maybe in this day of school budget shortfalls it is something to be celebrated but I guess that's a whole other subject!). But apparently it is a thing to celebrate, particularly for the kindergarten set and so I volunteered for the classroom that day. (Someone actually volunteered to take Mason, Thanks Kate!) There was a huge air of excitement that day and although I actually do enjoy being in the classroom and helping out with the kids, this day was particularly fun! The kids had their 5th grade buddies with them and started off the day making a "fruit loop" necklace with of course 100 fruit loops. I helped set up the tables with Karin (Robert's mom) and there were art projects, books, "100" goggles that they could decorate, and a snack they made with 10 different ingredients so it equaled out to 100. It was very cute and sweet and the 5th graders actually really made a difference in keeping everything from getting too chaotic. Besides, the 5th graders were a bit subdued anyway since on that Friday they were celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday and they got to come to school in comfy reading clothes...i.e. slippers, p.j.'s, whatever. I wish I would have thought to bring my camera with me but I obviously forgot so I had to make do with a picture of Matthew at home, afterschool.

Cute, huh?!!! This all took place on March 1st but I still just had to blog about it!! The Fruit Loop necklace is on Matthew along with his pretzel necklace. On that day of school the kids needed to bring in any sort of collection of 100 things. Matthew originally wanted to bring in 100 pennies but I really wanted something that he had to work a little harder at. So I encouraged him to make a popcorn necklace (and yes I had visions of us happily stringing popcorn together...which I should have know that it wouldn't have been so fun or happy) but me being quite the procrastinator that week, I waited until the last minute and wouldn't you know we did not have one popcorn seed in the house. That is a total and unbelievable sin, considering my husband is a total popcorn freak!! So a quick last minute change of plans evolved into a pretzel necklace and it actually worked out pretty good.

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