Monday, March 26, 2007

ahhhh...spring break

It's finally spring running around this Monday morning!! No trying to find everyone's shoes and get out the door on panicking that we are going to be late for school and what to fix for dinner! (as for dinner...yes I still have to cook it but at least it's at a much more leisurely pace than what is normal for a Monday) We don't even have a whole lot planned for this week....sure there are projects I would like to get done but I've decided I'm going to (try) not to panic about any of them! Matthew was really sick over the weekend (fever and throwing up, oh joy!) so not a whole lot got done there either. I'm kind of waiting to see if Mason is going to come down with whatever it was Matthew had (which by the way he feels much better and is currently over at Grandma Dee Dee's playing) but so far Mason seems to be just his normal self. I'll post pictures later....:)

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