Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandma Wade!!!!!!!!!!!

Today Grandma turns 90!!!!!!!!! I simply can't imagine living to such an age and to live such a life. She always has colorful stories to tell and has lived quite a life.

The pics of grandma with Matthew as a baby are some of my favorite, mainly because Matthew was quite a hefty baby at that point in his life and made grandma look even tinier than she is! The other pic is from this year at Mason's birthday party. The sepia colored pics are from this spring.

The kids are excited to go over and celebrate her birthday...but then again I think they are excited to celebrate anyone's birthday since it means cake/ice cream and more playmates! And quite frankly I don't think they get the idea of "90" years. But that's ok for now. The point is she is still here to celebrate with and we will celebrate! I realize every day we have her is a blessing so here's to you grandma!! Love You!!!

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