Monday, August 07, 2006

All this with no help from my husband!!

So I have decided to start this blog partly to actually see if I could do it and partly to have an easy way to show everyone pictures/thoughts/etc. that I feel like showing! So I will see how this goes and if I enjoy this "blogging" thing. I am certainly not the "computer geek" in this family but you never know....I may become a nerd yet!

And just for fun...this is a picture of Matthew and his bike that he got for his birthday. It was the first day of riding it and though it was a bit nerve racking for me to watch, he has started to get the hang of bike riding. It could be awhile before he manages without training wheels but that is what next summer is for!


Anonymous said...


I love it!!!!!! Wow I can't believe it, all by yourself?! Good job! I love this kind of stuff, I love to see how the kids are growing up!!! And so fast at that! Keep it going!

Love Julie

Anonymous said...

Hey I think I should defend myself. Oh wait I can't. Yes she did this all by herself. Good Job Amy!!!


leslee dirk said...

Dear Amy,
I wasnt sure what blogging meant.
I love the pictures of my grandsons. Good job, I don't think
I could figure out how to put pictures on it. I will pass this
along to Shiela and Abe as they
would enjoy seeing pictures of
the kids.
Love Grandma Leslee

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy,
I can't believe you put the name crabby on your blog page. You are always wearing a smile whenever I see you.
Great job on the photos. Shiela

Anonymous said...

Grandma Leslee says keep up the
good work on pictures. I love
to see my grandchildrens faces.
Hope you continue to Blog.
Shiela says she does not know
why you put the name crabby on
your web name. We had a great
time with Matthew and Andy last night.