Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mason is at it again!!!

Yep...this would be the work of Mason! The other morning we were at Trader Joe's and bought milk/eggs etc. and by that evening Mason had gotten into the fridge and managed to break 11 of the 12 eggs. And I got to go to the store again that evening so I could get more eggs. He also got into my coffee creamer and decided to finish that off. It's amazing he didn't get sick from all of the sugar in the creamer.

Tonight Mason got me all to himself since Matthew went with Andy to go see Grandma Leslee. As soon as Matthew left, Mason made a bee line for Matthew's toy kitties and had a blast with them. He danced around the house for awhile with them and after a short time I noticed he was very quiet. I went to peek on him and the kitties were obviously hungry! (boy how could I have not known that??) :)

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