Friday, August 18, 2006

A Day at Timothy Lake

Last Saturday we spent the day up at Timothy Lake with Andy's family. It was beautiful up there and the weather was perfect!!! (OK maybe a little warm for me but I am the minority) The kids had a really good time too! Mason spent some time with Reagan and I think they could match each other pretty well when it came to mischief.

Matthew spent almost all his time with Lauren and enjoyed himself so much that he was willing after all to stay the night there with Grandma Leslee and Grandpa Chuck. They spent a lot of time in the sandpit and by the end of Saturday Lauren and Matthew (and Mason) were covered in sand.

Everyone had a great time...........lots of food, drinks, games, was all good!! :) Of course we never took a single picture of the lake but oh well. There is always next year ......

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Meegan Blue said...

Nice!! Isn't it great when the kids are so entertained that you can actually relax...for three seconds. Is the summer really almost over?!?