Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just Because....

Just because it's summer.....must mean that I am lacking in inspiration! I have neglected the blog lately. Not on purpose but I haven't really found anything terribly inspiring and now that "birthday season" is over (oh thank god!!) it's time to actually get a few things done around the house. Like paint that damn cabinet in my bathroom that I have meant to paint for almost a year now! I started sanding it this week and now it's officially sanded and primed but not painted yet. ::sigh:: Oh and Andy has been working on the deck(s) which desperately have needed a good cleaning and staining. He spent 6 hours on Saturday doing the cleaning part... and hopefully after today the rain won't come back for awhile so he can do the staining part! (I will help if I have to....not that I am jumping for joy at that chore!) Real exciting stuff over here! That along with swimming lessons daily, making sure we go to the library so that Matthew has plenty to read (a major chore! he fights having to read!) for the summer reading program, gymnastics classes, and probably other things that I am too tired to remember right now. In fact this week, a friend of mine pointed out that I had said at the beginning of summer how I looked forward to the end of the school year just so that we wouldn't have so much daily running around. Yeah....that worked out well, huh?!

So just for fun....a few more "diva" pictures of Mason's friend Clara from a couple of weeks ago at a BBQ at her house. Of course, when you put Mason in the pictures, the dynamic changes a bit! ;)

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