Saturday, July 19, 2008

Goodby Six and Hello Seven!

oh not the cat! It's Matthew's birthday today! ;) But in searching for some old pictures of Matthew, I came across this pic of Guesseppe testing out Matthew's highchair. I'd forgotten how it rather amused me and felt the need to post it. (especially since it prominently featured the 'beer farts' jar, which the same cat actually broke later!)

I still can't get over how quickly seven years have gone. Andy and I were just discussing this morning how we remembered when our nephew Jayden turned seven and how we thought will be forever before Matthew is that old or that big. Yeah...that forever lasted real long, huh? Pretty amazing how that chunky little baby managed to grow up and become the smart (and sometimes sneaky!), resourceful, and loving kid that he is.

Matthew's first birthday and Gymbo the clown who he adored!

Second birthday and the kitchen he got, which we still have and it still gets played with!Third birthday and Matthew had a new brother at this point!
Fourth birthday at Oaks Park! Lots of fun but it's a hot and crowded time of year!

Fifth birthday and for some reason I have like zero good pictures of this particular birthday year!
Sixth birthday and he is wearing his birthday crown that he made when he was still going to occupational therapy.
And last night...Happy 7th birthday Matthew. xoxo, mwhah!


Amber said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Matthew! The kids have 5 or 6 friends with birthdays today so it must be a really lucky day! Hope you had a great one...

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Matthew. So grown up! Hope it was a great day.