Monday, September 17, 2007

O and P are for "Otter and Penguin"

Boy, I bet you think I am never going to finish this damn alphabet. I have actually had that thought too....but I am determined so I can get on with blogging about other things as well! ;) Anyway, over the summer the boys took swimming lessons and I mean we went every day! It was good for them though, and the routine was oh so helpful in keeping Matthew's (and my) sanity!! Matthew started out in the "Penguin" class (a beginner class) and I was wondering if he would ever make it out of that class since he just couldn't grasp the concept of kicking! His legs were bent too much and he wouldn't go anywhere and honestly, I must say, it about drove me nuts! He did (finally!!) get it just before the last session so that he could move on up to the "Otter" class. I don't think of myself as a competitive mom but it just got ridiculous after awhile when he had all the other skills to move up but (and was on the verge of boredom) couldn't get the kicking thing down. Which I admit, kind of is important! Thank goodness he had a couple of really good instructors who kept him busy learning other things as well and he ended up loving the summer and being in the pool everyday.

Now it may sound like I am ignoring Mason in all this but he took swimming all summer too. And can I just As in, he is one! It took all of about 3 seconds for him to be in the pool and that was that and of he went. Loves the water, loves swimming, loves learning new skills, loves flirting with his teachers. He managed to have all female teachers and I think he mostly enjoyed charming them.

Our swimming lessons also included the walk up to the pool and back so I do have to add a couple of pictures about that. For those who don't know, around Portland there are still tons of old horse rings along some of the streets. Supposedly to be used for tying up horses in the days before cars is the idea.... or so I am told. I also believe there was an article in The Oregonian newspaper about this subject along with people who have taken up tying little plastic horses to these old rings. Now, obviously I didn't read this particular article well and I think it was awhile back when it was in the paper so I apologize now if I don't have any of my facts straight. But on our walks up to the pool, there are some of these horse rings in the neighborhood and someone has ties up a few plastic horses. Which my children found absolutely fascinating!
We had to stop by them each trip (both going and coming, thank you) and talk to them and since they often had fallen on their sides.....we had to set them upright. The boys really want to get some of their own horses (and they have never been interested in horses until this) and tie them up around town. I see a shopping trip in my future! ;)

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Keepers of the Karate Kitty Secrets said...

Glad you're back. So glad the boys had fun swimming. I love the plastic horses tied to the old horse rings. My kids are obsessed as well.