Thursday, September 06, 2007

N is for "New Seasons"

My favorite grocery store!!! Honestly, I actually enjoy going to the grocery store when I hit up New Seasons. Tons of organic produce and other organic/natural products but also things that aren't "organic" and they don't make you feel like a total heel if you aren't being a totally perfect organic snob. I can buy my free range eggs and still pick up some Diet Coke in the same trip, although the coke may cost me more here than it might at a regular grocery store. But sometimes I just don't want to make two trips! The deli section always has something divine looking....not to mention the dessert/bakery area!! There always seems to be some sort of tasting or sampling of something and my kids enjoy taste testing too, which they are extremely kid friendly/tolerant.
Not only do I really enjoy shopping for groceries but they have a very helpful wellness area. This was great for when I slipped down the front stairs at my house back in December (there was ice on the stairs and we were on our way to a Christmas party!) and I asked about what to do for the massive bruise on my backside. The lady there was very helpful (Arnica gel is a godsend!) and I needed all the help I could get at that time in particular.

One of my other favorite things about this store is that I always seem to find a gift in their "gifty" or housewares section. I swear, everytime I look I can either find several things I want for me or I find some appropriate gift for a friend or family member. Nothing like the "perfect" find for somebody else to put me in a good mood! ;)

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Keepers of the Karate Kitty Secrets said...

new seasons is my favorite as well! the home delivery guys make me feel like i know my grocer. silly i know but makes me feel like i live in era where you really did know them.