Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Thank God Your Here

O.k. I seriously just got off the couch from watching this show "Thank God Your Here" (on NBC) and I am in tears! As in...incredibly funny!! I don't know if this show is new or what but I've never seen it. They have 4 different comic actors/comedians to participate in improv comedy and it was hysterically funny! They had Tom Arnold (amazingly funny and I haven't particularly been a fan of his), Fran Drescher (another one I haven't been a fan of, but she was good!), Angela Kinsey (from The Office, which I totally love!!) and now I am drawing a blank on who the 4th guy was. They basically were competing for the "Thank God Your Here" trophy at the end of the show and were given props and a set that they had never seen before and had to play along with a story line that they had no prior knowledge of. Like I said....amazingly funny and a perfect light hearted hour before "Lost"! :)


Meegan Blue said...

Oh my God...Lost! What, what, what is going to happen?!?!

Diane said...

Are we on for dinner? I forgot AGAIN to ask Morgan about that Thai restaurant....maybe we should just try the Bay Leaf after all? Let's think about it today and confirm where later. Greg gets home around 6...does 6:30 suit you? I'm looking forward to it! xo D