Wednesday, May 23, 2007

At the Park Today...

Today while the "big boys" were in school, Karin, Kate, and I took the little ones (if you could call them that... all 3 of them are pretty large for their ages!) up to Mt. Tabor Park. They played together really well today with minimal arguing and it seems if Mason and Reason are about to actually get along again. Yay! They have kind of been at each others throats for the past several weeks so it's good to see some harmony. The kids brought presents for Mason for his birthday too, which I think helped restore some niceness for them. I actually meant to do a kids birthday party for Mason (just a small one while older siblings were in school) but my children just cannot get well! Even towards the end of the park today Mason was a total grouch and totally full of snot but it also is making for a good nap. And I can't complain about that! ;)

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