Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh...what a night....

No....nothing particularly special happened tonight. It was just one of those beautiful summer-like evenings where the kids were getting along and having a good time together. There was a warm wind blowing but it wasn't hot out and the grass was being mowed so everything smelled wonderful. I watched the boys play as I puttered around the yard and I couldn't help but wonder if I wanted to be them or if I wanted to be me as a kid again. I guess it's the parent in me that is so enjoying seeing my children run around barefoot and having a fabulous time without a care in the world. I think I just am overwhelmed by their enjoyment of all the world has to offer them in that little moment in time and realize how happy I am when they are happy. Not every evening can be like this as there are always mouths to feed, chores to be done, and planning for the next day's activities to think about. The weather can't always be so perfect and I tend to enjoy the time when the sun is going down anyway; it was a beautiful day out but my skin does not handle the sun well! But for a short time tonight everyone was happy and I actually slowed down enough to enjoy it. Mental note: slow down more often, although it's good to be one step ahead it is also important to enjoy the moment! :)

I felt the need for a few pictures even though I didn't take any tonight. It didn't seem quite right to spoil the good times by going in the house and getting the camera. The pictures are of Matthew with Robert and Clara one morning before school. It was a lovely morning and they were having a good time. Mason was still not quite feeling better at that point, so he was in the house pouting! ;)

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