Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sick Days

Oh the joys of sick children! The last 2 days the boys haven't left the house since Matthew has been running a fever and has had a nasty cough. Mason hasn't caught it yet but we all know that he will! Having to stay home makes me feel very housebound and cooped up and you would think that I would take advantage and be crafting something but it also seems everytime I try to start something I am interrupted by a crying child. So while I sit here and itch to get out and see the world I am pleased with my one bright spot in the last 2 nights. I finally got around to getting some links on my blog posted! Actually, Andy helped me and it was good for him too since he is currently working on learning web design. I assumed this was something he knew but apparently not. Anyway... hopefully my children will be well tomorrow and I will be able to get out of the house and take Matthew to school. Obviously I'm such a city girl that I can't stand staying home for more than a day without some other human companionship! :)

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Diane said...

You linked me! Thanks! I hope your boys recover and YOU don't get sick. The museum is dead today. (the opposite of yesterday!)