Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Who did it this time???

Life in a house with small children should not contain so many mysteries. Usually a child (or husband) is to blame for the things that occasionally appear or disappear. But anyone who has been around kids knows that strange things happen and even though you think you know your children well enough to figure out "who did it" sometimes you can be surprised.

For instance, in the last week or so I found around the house several unwrapped/taken apart tampons. Well I happen to know how much they cost and I know it wasn't me and I also know my husband would rather pretend not to know what they are for so that pretty much rules him out too. They weren't shredded enough to be the work of the cats (although I did catch Giuseppe playing with one later). This left my darling children as the culprits. At first I naturally assumed it was Mason (who else gets into everything under the sun?) but I noticed that the tampons were opened but then carefully placed back into the wrapper (which is definitely a Matthew trick). I decided I would not directly ask Matthew but kind of take the ones out of my purse and lay them really near him were he would see and try and catch his reaction. Nothing happened of course so I did ask him if he had been playing with them and he said no. But with the lack of "truth telling" going on lately I wasn't sure yet if I believed him.

So another day or so passed and then I walked around the corner by the front door and we have a little table with a drawer there and who should be digging in there was Mason with a tampon that he had open and was trying to put back. Caught red handed!!! He didn't see me at first but when he did he jumped about a foot back and quickly shoved his "discovery" in the drawer. I had a good laugh and then tried to explain to him that they were not good toys but I'm not sure how much sunk in.

Matthew, Skyler, and Mason on Christmas...had to post it 'cause it's cute!

And a few more snow pics just because...Andy is playing with the neighbor's dog "Lucky" who seemed to be enjoying the snow as much as we were. After watching "Charlie Brown's Christmas" way to many times this year Matthew had to "taste" the snow! :)


Diane said...

You are such a tampon detective! I'm impressed. Yes, I was blogging at 5:41 am, disgusting, but i couldn't sleep and what else am I going to do? The dishes? I think not! Here's a blog I know you'll love...check it out! xoxo Diane http://www.dooce.com/

Diane said...

You are such a tampon detective! I'm impressed! Yes, I was blogging at 5:41 am, you've caught me. But if I can't sleep, what else is there to do? The dishes? No way!

Diane said...

Amy, I've commented three times now...I thought the first one didn't get posted so I tried to recreate it, and now I'm just filling up your comment area. Sorry! (do check that blog I recommended, it's hilarious)

Ali said...

Sounds eerily familiar - my youngest always asks if he can have one, but tells me he only likes the ones in a yellow wrapper. Bizzare.

I think he thinks I am selfish for failing to share my wonderful treats.