Monday, February 19, 2007


GNO--Girl's Night Out.....this time it was an especially good one since I got carded!! I guess it's been awhile since someone has felt the need to check my I.D. before serving me a drink to make sure that I'm legally of age. The girls and I went to The Ram's Head for dinner, and I assume because it's dark in there at night that our server couldn't see the lovely lines around my eyes that my darling children have caused! I have to say that immediately put me in better mood...even before I had received my Lemon Drop (which by the way was very sour and very good!).

After dinner we headed over to Papa Haydn's for dessert which has been a favorite lately! Lovely desserts and us girls can chat up a storm over coffee/drinks and usually our favorite dessert 'Boccone Dolce'. Sometimes we go for a walk afterwards for some window shopping (easier on the wallet) and besides NW 23rd is always lovely at night. So I am now very full and have had a great evening...but I need to next schedule in some "fun" crafting time since I've been doing too much "duty" crafting (i.e. valentines for school etc.) maybe tomorrow .....

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Diane Rios said...

That is such a good point about fun-crafting versus duty-crafting. I have never put it into words before, but I experience that issue, too. Once I've gone that extra mile and made valentines, or xmas cards, or whatever, I have a hard time getting it into gear to make "real" art. I end up with 100 quickie projects to show and no Big Piece.