Friday, February 23, 2007

It's just a phase

Recently I was trying to find the positive side of an increasingly misreable phase of Mason's life. He has really gone through a period of biting, hitting, yelling/screaming (ok, so he has always been a screamer!), and pulling hair whenever he is frustrated. Usually the object of his frustration is Matthew (imagine that!) but he isn't afraid to unleash his temper on anybody else. So I told myself (quite smugly, I might add) at least the kid doesn't scratch...that was a Matthew trick when Matthew was 2 1/2. No, no Mason may do all those other things but he doesn't scratch so we aren't doing too bad. And then the other day from the other room I hear Matthew yell.....Mommy!!! Mason's scratching me and he won't quit!! Sigh...."it's just another phase, it's just another phase, he'll get over it eventually". I hope..... ;)

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