Monday, June 02, 2008

Shopping Results remember when I said I was going on the Art Walk? Well, it ended up being very warm out that day and I didn't go to nearly as many stops as I meant to. But I did, of course, manage for a few purchases! Exhibit A:

Cute, non? Very good for everyday (since I am not always kind to my purses on a daily basis) but I am a total idiot and forgot to ask her what it was made of! I think I was a little too excited about my other purchases..... Exhibit B:

Oh yes....the scrabble board purse! I saw this last year and totally kicked myself for not buying it! And now I own it and feel very much better. I actually bought another similar type purse but it's a gift and I am pretty sure that person reads this blog. So I will have to post pics later!

Many beautiful purses to choose from and I almost bought a purse made out of old Disney books like the ones I grew up reading. I probably should have caved and got one but ohh well. The one other purchase was for Matthew (who actually wanted to come with me on the art walk, very cool!). Look what he picked out....

I thought it was the most adorable wallet and Matthew loved it! And yes he does use it and stores his money in it. It is apparently pages out of a book and the most darling illustration, perfect for an almost seven year old boy.


Princessa lil mexico said...

What a lucky boy... i guess i'll have to beat him up for that!

Diane said...

I love that wallet, I want one too! And did I tell you that your header photo of the horse is beautiful!

I'm working at WFC today for a lunch shift, wish you were going to be there!