Thursday, June 26, 2008

6 things about me

So I have been tagged by Amber for a little meme of six random things about myself. Actually, quite awhile back I was also tagged by Sarah for the same thing but I never got around to finishing the post. So I figure it is time to actually complete it! ;)
1) As much as I enjoy scrapbooking, I have yet to even devote a page to writing about myself! Partly because I seem to be perpetually behind in all the things I want to complete and partly because I do enough self-examination in my head. When I want to scrapbook, I want it to be fun and not always does analyzing myself seem like much fun. Way more fun to analyze my children (and hubby!).

2) Andy and I are coming up on our 10-year wedding anniversary. Amazingly, we met in a bar! And I had sworn I would never date anybody I met in a bar. The funny part of it was, I actually was aware of who he was. He grew up about 2 blocks away from me and we went to the same gradeschool, middle school, and highschool but never had a single class together. This would be due to Gresham's year-round school system at that time and it just worked out that way. He knows the neighborhoods like I do from our childhood, and it's fun (still!) being able to reminisce with my partner. He knows exactly what I am talking about when I mention playing in the 'field' as kids or as teenagers learning to drive at the 'dogs' (the parking lot for the dog tracks in Gresham which is now a Fred Meyer and Lowes).

3) I enjoy cooking. I enjoy reading about food and I enjoy food blogs too! Sometimes the most relaxing bedtime reading is a really inspiring cookbook or food magazine. I am not a particularly innovative cook on my own but I do enjoy trying new things and I tend to like most foods. Although, super spicy foods I find rather difficult to deal with. I don't want to cry while I eat dinner! But sometimes a good "food adventure" can include some serious spice! :)

4) I am surprised sometimes how much I enjoy being a mom. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of not so good days were I am sure the kids are going to drive me to drink 24/7. But I thought by now, I would have been interested in maybe getting a career going or at least working more than one day a week. However, I enjoy being with my kids (sometimes!), I enjoy volunteering at their schools, I enjoy being involved in their lives. Why mess with a good thing when there will be plenty of time later for career stuff? (Besides the fact that I am amazingly blessed that I can stay home and be with my kids and not have to work all the time)

5) I do not like bugs. I hate spiders! I know that some of them are beneficial (but seriously, do we really need fleas? or lice??!!) and I can deal with them outside (barely) but if they enter my house at all, they must die. Occasionally, if a ladybug gets in, I can scoop her up and put her outside. Otherwise it's smoosh for anything that isn't on 2 legs (or 4 furry ones...poor cats, they do get accidentally stepped on once in awhile!). With my disdain for bugs, it's amazing I enjoy camping but I do! (A post on camping coming soon.)

6) I have been enjoying the t.v. lately!! I will never be one of those people who never watches t.v. but I am also not one to watch many of whatever is hot show of the moment. And a lot of reality t.v. on the major networks drives me up a wall! The things that entertain me are the things that as a teenager, my brother and I relentlessly made fun of my dad for watching. Things like The History Channel or The Discovery Channel. My favorite program though, is American Experience on OPB. I have the DVR set to record it and always have a few on hand to watch. In fact, I just got done watching the ones on F.D.R. and Eleanor Roosevelt. I had just watched before that, the first half of the one on Harry Truman and somehow I missed the second part! argghhh!! oh well, I am sure they will repeat it again. Did you know that you can actually go on PBS's website and vote on issues of the day and see if you would have sided with either say Truman or Thomas Dewey during the election year of 1948? Go here if you want to check it out! But I understand if you could care less, I just happen to find it fascinating! ;)

So I really don't have 6 particular people to tag for this (many have already been named by Amber anyway!) but I will list the rules and feel free to participate! (But Diane, you should really do this!) :)

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