Sunday, June 15, 2008


In our house, we have recently had the discussion of an allowance for Matthew. I am actually rather unfamiliar with this practice as my parents didn't do the weekly allowance thing. Andy did have an allowance, so I have pretty much let him chat with Matthew about what earning an allowance would entail. Well, apparently Andy wasn't real specific with what chores Matthew would need to perform in order to earn the said allowance so Matthew took it upon himself to make his own chore list. So about 20 minutes ago, Andy found this list by his side of the bed!

Translation: wash the dishes, make the beds, put the laundry away, water the plants, make mom's coffee, turn the news on (!). At the end he writes: I can choose between one another! So what do you think we should give him for allowance? ;)


Morgan said...

Um... If he can make a good strong cup a joe, I'll double whatever you're paying him!

Angel Jem said...

For that list, he's well worth whatever he asks!