Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Because the p.j.s (and kids too) are so cute.....

last of the leftover Christmas pictures I swear! But I couldn't resist.... This was the scene on Christmas eve, milk and cookies/pumpkin cupcake for Santa. I was so behind this Christmas season I hadn't even made cookies! The horror! So Santa had to settle for store bought Trader Joe's peppermint jo jo's as described here. But the cupcake was homemade! Anyway.....the kids were so excited (particularly Mason) that the photographs in front of the tree after placing the cookies in their proper spot turned out mostly like this.....

I think I have about six shots of this picture and in almost all of them, Mason is a blur. He could not stop moving his body! Oh well, I guess that's what makes memories. ;)

The next morning, Andy surprisingly got a decent shot of the boys after Santa came. And then the real shocker...... (and pardon the freshly drowned rat look!)
Even mama got a present! :)

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