Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rockin' Purse

New purse for me!!!! Does this totally rock or what??
So I went to Queen Bee with a friend and went shopping!! Apparently, Queen Bee has been making their 'record' purses for 10 years now and as of January 2008 they have decided not to make anymore. I had actually been admiring these for quite some time but never got around to purchasing one. And thank goodness I finally did. I forget what the regular price used to be on this purse but I ended up paying $22.00 for it. What a steal! I ended up paying more for the wallet below.

I couldn't resist the cupcake and loved the color combo too! I had actually forgotten to photograph the wallet until the last minute and literally dropped what I was doing (scrapbooking) and took the picture. The paper went well with the wallet! I don't have the purse right in front of me or I would tell you what 45's are actually in the record purse. I will have to check and get back to this later..... and yes they are real 45's sewn into the purse. Another great addition to the collection! :)

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christie said...

Great purse. I saw a laptop bag made of old computer floppy disks on someone else's blog. What a clever way to recycle the obsolete, no?