Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fruitful Rewards

Last night Andy and I went to the auction whose proceeds are benefiting Matthew's elementary school. It was a lot of fun, held at the bowling ally! Andy spent almost 3 hours bowling and consequently today, is very sore!! I ended up not bowling, only because I was actually helping out with the auction and because I was also either chatting or shopping. ;) I actually didn't come away with too much, a present for a certain someone who shall remain nameless at the moment. This person's birthday isn't for quite awhile! A lovely bottle of wine, a buy-in event, and then the coup de grace.....the first grade art project from Matthew's class! Actually, let me back up for just a minute. Matthew had spent the better part of last week mad at me because he felt he should get to go to the auction. In his little mind (and I really can't blame him) a night at the bowling alley with a bunch of the teachers and parents sounded really cool. And it was, it just wasn't for kids (Yay! oh, sorry) and he had a really hard time understanding that. So when Andy and I got home last night, he was still pouting about not getting to go. Until I told him about what I had bought. Then he was quite pleased.

So the chair was made by the kids in Matthew's first grade class and the idea was based on the work of Eric Carle, you know....The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See?, and our current favorite, Mr. Seahorse. Each child did some sort of animal, bird, or flower, drawn on paper and then they picked out tissue scraps in whatever colors they wanted and one of the lovely moms (I helped out in the classroom with the drawing part) put all the artwork on the chair and some embellishments. And it turned out great! One of my favorite animals is the little pig in the above's on the bottom row in the middle. I should take a close up picture of has the most darling curly tail. Matthew's animal is actually in the very top picture. It's the bird/dinosaur looking thing that's red with green feet. Love it! ;) This morning, Matthew wrote me and daddy a little note, professing his gratitude.
Budyful, don't you think?


Sarah said...

very budyful. what a great idea for a class project.

Amber said...

I am so glad you ended up with the chair! There was major drama in the last few days about splitting that up from the book case but it seems like it worked out okay in the end. It is very budyful and I'm glad Matthew was so excited to have it... what a nice note. :)

Brian said...

Hey, really sweet chair! Well worth the pouting ;)