Saturday, March 15, 2008

Family Dinner

So it's not often that Andy and I have been willing to take the kids out to eat for dinner. Usually, I am tired at night and have put up with whatever antics have happened during the day so that the idea of eating out in public is usually more than I can bear. But tonight, upon the urging of my husband, we headed out to Russell Street Bar-B-Que. Andy knows one of the owners and has been there a couple of times himself and had proclaimed to me how wonderful it was. So tonight I agreed to go, feeling too, that perhaps it was time to make an effort to take my kids out once in awhile that didn't involve grandparents.

And guess what? It went just fine! My kids actually behaved quite well, even with a 1/2 hour wait! And even better, the food was really good! I have been to another BBQ around town (that shall remain nameless) and although it was good, I never had a deep desire to return. Tonight, stuffed full as I am, I can't wait to go back and try some more of the menu! I had a pulled pork sandwich ( I figured there was no way I could have a dinner of pulled pork, I wanted to fit in dessert too!) with a side of greens that were braised 'southern style'. Now, I had no idea what the hell that meant but I figured I would give it a try. Oh my, I would be willing to eat just a huge bowl-full of those....yum! Matthew really liked them too and I also had a hard time keeping Matthew out of my pork sandwich! The kids inhaled their food, not surprising for Matthew but rather impressive for Mason who never seems to finish anything. Mason had chicken strips and fries and had very little left when he was done. By the way, those chicken strips were very tasty, thank goodness he was willing to share a little! ;) Andy had the smoked beef brisket sandwich with some very hot BBQ sauce and a lovely pint of porter that he can't remember what it was now!

So there are so many other things there that I am itching to try....the sausage, the brisket sandwich with a little less intense heat, the shrimp, and the grilled tofu. Yes, even vegetarian options!

and oh my, how did I forget about dessert?? I decided on a Peach Cobbler, not on the regular menu but oh the taste of summer was much needed for me! :) The boys had sundaes.....Andy abstained from dessert. He figured his dessert was the pint during dinner!

These sundaes are $1 on the kids menu! Mason 'fed' Andy a bite and he did say they were rather tasty.
Good to the last drop!

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