Saturday, July 14, 2007

Last of the N.D. Pictures...

So these should be the last of the pics from North Dakota....I almost didn't put them up but I kinda felt they were cute so there you go! These were taken at the Dakota Zoo in Bismarck which is a very tiny zoo but is actually great for small children as it is an easy walk around and not totally uphill to get out of the complex when it's time to leave! (and yes that is a jab at our zoo here, I do like it but I can't stand the fact that it is such a lonnnng, uphill climb with tired and cranky kids to get to your car!) They have a nice little playground for the kids inside the zoo which of course my children wanted to only spend their time going down the slide. Is that what I paid admission price for?

I did enjoy the prairie dog exhibit...they are so cute! I loved watching them pop out of their holes and then go back down again. Makes me think of "Little House on the Prairie" too! :) However, I had to wonder what the locals thought....and I wonder this since not too far from this exhibit was a raccoon exhibit. Which gave me a laugh, since during the summer we find raccoons either in the backyard or waddling down the street almost nightly!

We really didn't get a lot of time to check out the animals since the kids spent most of the time whining about how they wanted to go back and play on the slide and other park toys. Did I mention by that point I was a little irratated with both boys??! Oh well, that's kids for ya.

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