Monday, October 02, 2006

school days.... it's been a busy last couple of weeks!! We are finally all into the "school" routine of daily life and it seems we just keep piling on more activities as each week passes! Matthew loves school. I had hoped and figured that he really would like it but I didn't quite expect this level of happiness. Of course there have been plenty of suprises (mostly for me) in these begining weeks of kindergarten. I am amazed at how much Matthew has learned and picked up on. I am amazed that he fell into a routine so easily and quickly. I am amazed at how proud he is of his accomplishments. I guess I shouldn't be amazed at all these things but I guess because I'm his mom I get to be in awe of him.

However...there is one thing that has happened recently that has totally blindsided me. I really didn't have the forethought to see this coming and I can't believe that of all kids mine has a major first crush on a girl!!!! YIKES!!! I so didn't predict that one! There is a little girl in his class and he constantly talks about her. Today when we got home from school and after I fed Matthew a snack he came up and gave me a big hug and said "I love you mom...and Francie too!" Oh boy..... He has made artwork at home for her....he has talked about making sure he gets to sit next to her or talk to her ...he told me that when the kids were picking out bean bags he made sure and picked out the same color as her. I gotta say I really thought that Matthew would be a serious late bloomer and we wouldn't be talking about girls for awhile except on a more superficial level. I just didn't see this coming.......

and just for fun I wanted to put up a picture or two of this summer just because as much as I love fall (the changing season, beautiful weather that's crisp in the am but still warm during the day, fall clothes!, and fall t.v.!) I am a summer girl at heart and always miss it when it's over. sigh.....anyway the pictures are of our camping trip to Detroit Lake this summer which was a blast! We didn't take Mason this year (next year he can go) but Matthew had a great time and got to fish with daddy! It certainly made for great summer memories!

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