Saturday, October 28, 2006

Grandma's birthday celebration part 2

So its been ages since I posted last but life sometimes gets away from you!! Last weekend we went to Lincoln City for our second part of celebrating Grandma's birthday. She loved it and the weather was perfect...lots of sun and almost no wind! She had a blast, I had a blast, my parents had a blast, poor husband didn't do so well! Earlier in the week I battled a nasty cold and Andy managed to catch it on Saturday morning and spent the whole day in the hotel room feeling rotten. The kids actually started getting the cold on thursday night so they were miserable on Friday in the hotel but by Saturday felt a lot better. Andy pretty much missed the whole weekend while I shopped, went to the casino with my parents and hit the beach with my kids!!

My little sea turtle Mason was in heaven in the water. It really wasn't quite warm enough for water play but that didn't stop Mason! Matthew wasn't as thrilled with the water but had a much better time searching for rocks and shells. (grandpa also planted a few shiny new rocks for him to "find"!) Mason pretty much walked through the water constantly and proclaimed very loudly to me (constantly) "mommy I love it!!" very cute and eventually annoying all at the same time!! Grandma spent her time watching us on the beach and eating out with us....she loves all the extra time with the kids too!

and just because it's almost Halloween (my husband's absolute favorite holiday!!) and my kids are getting more excited by the minute I figured I had to post a picture or two from last year ...just for fun!

Hopefully in about 3 days I will have this years Halloween pics downloaded and posted of the "Pirate Ghost" and the "Pirate"!!

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