Friday, September 15, 2006

For Louise

Ok.....I am going to backtrack a bit on events with this one...but then again that seems to be the story of my life lately! In other words I am never going to catch up on anything!! So anyway, last Friday I figured since it was the last day we had for awhile to do something spontaneous but fun I decided to take the kids to the zoo. We have been to the zoo enough times that I really don't need any new zoo pictures but I took my camera anyway and about the time the kids were getting tired we stopped to play on these animals and lo and behold there was a hippo! My friend Louise loves hippos (anything with hippos on it, pics, etc.) so I got the kids to pose for me and managed a couple of shots before other kids decided to get in the way. However, once this picture taking started the boys decided this was actually fun (Matthew often protests his pic taken) and wanted me to take a picture of them on every animal. Oh darn, some of the other animals had too many kids and I just couldn't comply with that request. But they were excited about taking a special picture on the hippo just for Louise!

And speaking of Louise.....Matthew cannot quit talking about Halloween! Every day he asks if it's October yet and if Louise is working on his costume! Last year she made his very cool scary witch costume and this year she is going to do both boys' costumes. Mason is going to be a pirate (all inspired by his pirate shoes) and Matthew has said for almost a year he wants to be a ghost but we finally convinced him to be a pirate ghost! This was partly my doing since I wanted to dress him up more than just a plain old ghost! :) So the boys are anxious for Halloween or at least October and I think what really scares me is that yesterday in Target when we were looking at all the Halloween decor Mason pointed out something and kept say Santa. Yikes!!! So not ready for Christmas yet.....

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