Monday, February 11, 2008

King Ladebug and Matthew

These were taken on January 31st when Matthew brought his "ladebug" home. At his school there was an artist in residency and this time the project involved clay. So all the kids made bugs and the bugs were sculpted, painted and fired up and on the last day I went in to help the kids attach the eyeballs, wings, and legs. The bugs turned out so very cute and I was impressed at the creativity! :)

This last picture is one that Karin took during class of Robert, Matthew, and Jackson with their prized creations!


Amber said...

Hey Amy! I'm so glad you commented because I've been meaning to track down your blog ever since summer. You just made that a lot easier for me! Now I have lots of catching up to do... in all my free time. I am amazed every day at how big your guys are getting (esp. Mason!)... I will enjoy getting a sneak peek into your home lives!

Sarah said...

That is so cool. I want to make one of those.

Amber said...

How do you know Brian & Ashleigh???