Monday, December 11, 2006


I just had to provide a quick link to my girlfriend Crystal's Stampin Up! site. In the art gallery section of the site you will see samples of cards that a bunch of us made on Saturday. She came up with the design and several girlfriends and I got together on Saturday afternoon and made a bunch of cards. It was a lot of fun and chit chat and we got homemade Christmas cards done too! I can't complain about that!! :) Lucky for me it was fun since that night ended up being not so pleasant. The night before (Friday night) Matthew had been sick but both boys were at Grandma's house spending the night (so sorry Leslee!)so I was kind of thinking we lucked out not having to deal with the worst of it. Sadly I thought wrong...Saturday after bedtime was all done Mason got totally sick in his crib (it's so time for a big boy bed!) and we got to spend the evening cleaning it up. Amazing what parenting does to you on your Saturday night!! ;)

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