Saturday, November 04, 2006

pumpkin patch

boy am I slow...but I figured I needed to get these pictures posted partly because they are cute and also because there are actually rare photos of me!! Usually I am the one with the camera so rarely do I get my picture taken. Not that I mind too much but sometimes it is nice to have some documentation that I was actually at an event! Anyhoo...the Saturday before Halloween we got up early to go to the pumpkin patch at Lee Farms which is actually the one Matthew's kindergarten class went to. But I figured it would be easy and not too far away and we really didn't have a ton of time that day so we squeezed it in. Mason loved it; especially the slide in the haymaze and the goats. Matthew had already seen it so he was our guide and luckily it wasn't very busy yet at 9:30 in the morning! We also discovered they had fresh (hot!) donuts for sale and oh they were sooo good! We ended up coming home with a few pumpkins, very little dirt, and a lot of cinnamon-sugar. Worth every penny!!

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