Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas Night

This was Christmas night at Grandpa's house...

Of course it's all about the presents! ;)

This cookbook rocks! I'm not sure if it's for Matthew or me(!) but it's really cute. It's a Star Wars cookbook with Star Wars inspired recipes, such as Wookie Cookies and Yoda Soda. Matthew has actually spent time perusing it and made something over at Grandma Dee Dee's yesterday. (some kind of fruit leather thingy that I can't recall the name of!) Trust me, this book will be worthy of a whole other post later on! ;)

Gee Tys, have some pie with that whip cream!! Sorry it's not the most flattering picture....should help with New Years resolutions though, huh?!? ;)

This was my Christmas present. I really didn't have anything much specific that I needed but I told Andy I really wanted a new tea kettle. A nice red one. And I got one! Le Creuset no less....I had no idea Andy had any clue of nice kitchenware. ;)

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